In case you have doubts, here are some thoughts about what consultants have to offer and why we are often the best choice...
  1. Consultants have the experience, expertise and time that employees often lack. We fill the knowledge gap for many special projects and can bring our knowledge from past experience with other clients.

  2. Consultants are more efficient. We bring experience with similar problems and eliminate your time to train and get up to speed. We can focus solely on your problem rather than balancing it with day to day work as employees must. We don't need to deal with internal politics or procedures and that enables us to complete projects in far less time.

  3. Consultants are flexible. We can be brought in for short-term projects, are there when you need us and gone when you don't. We can work any time of day, night and weekends to get the job done. We serve our purpose and go.

  4. Consultants offer a fresh, objective point of view. With so many other projects under our belt and valuable experience in dealing with an array of situations and personalities-we can provide unbiased, fresh ideas.

  5. Staff may be too close to a problem to see the solution that consultants can.

  6. Consultants are not tied to the internal politics and can call it like it is.

  7. Consultants may offer evidence of a good faith effort. We can serve as a sign to outsiders that a company is working to solve problems. Consultants provide the best of both worlds. We have the skill, time, experience and expertise to get the job done; we offer independent perspectives and insights; we're fair, honest and ethical; we eliminate the need for on-going salaries, payroll taxes, benefits and other overhead.
    And when we're done….. we're gone!
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